Q: How do I register my product for warranty?
A: fmiamerica.com/warranty-registration
Or you can call us toll free at 1.855.846.0087

Q: How long is my warranty good for?
A: In order to determine warranty status, we’ll need the serial # of the product.
Equipment without serial #’s due to being removed, altered or defaced, will not carry any type of warranty. Refer to Owners Manual for more on Warranty Conditions.

Q: Where can I find the Serial # on my equipment?
A: Serial #’s are printed on a white sticker with a barcode on them located on the frame of the machine.
The digits printed above the barcode show the model of the machine.
The digits printed below the barcode is the serial #.

Q: What products should I use to clean my machine?
A: You can use a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution or an anti-bacterial cleaner like liquid dish soap.

Q: My equipment is having some issues, who do I contact for repairs?
A: To find an authorized FMI Service Provider closest to you for warranty and non-warranty repairs, click here

Q: Where can I order spare parts?
A: Call our Service Dept at 1.855.846.0087

Q: My product is discontinued; can I still get parts for it?
A: We keep most parts in stock. Back orders can usually take up to 90 days if still offered by the factory.
Parts that are discontinued because of cosmetic, mechanical, electronic changes or colors, we can only offer the latest modified part.

Q: I’d like to purchase products. Who do I contact?
A: To find your Regional Sales Representative, click on The FMI Advantage tab and scroll down to the
bottom of the page to see a list of our FMI Contacts.

40 Series Model:

Q: How do I change the read outs from KPH to MPH?
A: There is a dip switch behind the control console that allows you to switch between the two.

T60 Model:

Q: How do I calibrate my treadmill?
A: Remove Safety Magnet.
Press and hold the Pause / Reset button and # 1 for approximately 5 seconds.
Dot matrix displays “SPEED CAL PRESS START”. Press Start.
Replace Safety Magnet and press Start for Automatic Calibration or Enter for Manual Calibration.